In the end, it’s about the good you did, not the award you received.


The club recognizes members who have made significant contributions to the organization while advancing the club’s mission. A committee composed of past recipients of the Rotarian of the Year Award selects the recipients of this award and the Rookie of the Year Award. The club president names the recipient of the Avenues of Service Citation.

Honorees are recognized at a special dinner event. In addition, the club makes a $300 donation in the name of the Five Avenues of Service recipient, a $200 donation in the name of the Rotarian of the Year, and a $100 donation in the name of the Rookie of the Year to the Rotary International Foundation or to the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club Foundation, as the recipients elect.


Award is presented on an annual basis to a member who:

  • Has made a significant contribution in advancing the club’s mission and goals during the year or over a period of years as a member of the club
  • Has taken a leadership or active role in projects or committee work
  • Has developed strong relationships with other club members and has assisted members when needed
  • Has exemplified ethical behavior in personal and professional relationships
  • Has demonstrated a commitment to service

2024  Emily Biondo
2023  Darnell Perkins*
2022  Christie Bruffy
2021  Steve Payerle*
2020  Jim Farmer*
2019  Bill Shantz
2018 Dave Hansen*
2017 Jim Miller*
2016 Mike Moulton*
2015 John Butterfield*
2014 Richard Hunter
2013 Jennifer Best*
2012 Allan Woo*
2011 Melissa Conrath
2010 B. J. Stone
2009 Jerry Katz*
2008 Darnell Perkins*
2007 Shirley Lambert*
2006 David Kittredge*
2005 Roger Johnson*
2004 Roe Mauro*
2003 Brian Osburn
2002 Peter Barnhart*
2001 Mark Eisenman

2000 Tom Reis*
1999 Judy Bryant
1998 Lou Goorey*
1997 Bill Wentz
1996 Del Lothes
1995 John Bader*
1994 Frank White
1993 Courtney Chapman*
1992 Joe Budde
1991 David King*
1990 Dan Maher
1989 Harvey Minton
1988 Bernard Coleman
1987 Alan Zink*
1986 Dutch Decker
1985 E. Eugene Gallagher
1984 Ronald Jones
1983 Robert Hanson*
1982 Jerry Nicely
1980 Allan Buller
1978 James Brinmeyer

* Current Member


The recipient of this award has consistently demonstrated support of the object of Rotary through participation in service  activities in each of the Avenues of Service: club, vocational, community, international and youth. This citation program of Rotary International reinforces the importance that Rotary places on the personal involvement of each club member in Rotary service activities.

2024  Steve Payerle*
2023  Dave Hansen*
2021  John Butterfield*
2016 Jerry Katz*
2012 Darnell Perkins*
2011 Dave Jordan*
2010 Roe Mauro*
2009 Judy Bryant
2008 David Kittredge*
2007 Mike Moulton*

2006 Dutch Decker
2005 Courtney Chapman*
2004 Mark Eisenman
2003 Allan Buller
1997 Frank White

* Current Member


Award is presented on an annual basis to a member of the club who has been a member for two years or less and is new to Rotary and has:

  • Demonstrated significant involvement in club activities
  • Has been actively involved in projects or committee work
  • Developed relationships with other club members
  • Shown a commitment to the organization’s mission and goals

2024  Lisa Federico*
2023  Dione Simonin (Impact Club)
2021  Paul Cynkar*
2020  Christie Bruffy (Impact Club)
2019  Nick Linkenhoker* and Ann Pechacek
2018 Steve Payerle *
2017 Bill Shantz*
2016 Laura Clevenger
2015 Alan Grossman*
2014 Dan Weiss
2013 Trevor Donaldson
2012 Bryan Griffith (Impact Club)
2011 Tony and Corinne Konecny
2010 Tina Fisher*
2008 Jerry Speakman
2007 Jay Trueman
2006 Corinne Garvey

2005 Tara Haid
2004 Jim Lytle
2003 Jennifer Best*
2002 Julie Orr
2001 Gary Williams
2000 Betty Barbe
1999 John Butterfield* and David Greenlee
1998 Judy Barnhart*
1997 Art Richey

* Current Member


The Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club was recognized for outstanding achievements in service and contributions to Rotary in 2018-19. Tim Shear served as club president.

Also in 2018-19, the club earned a Presidential Citation for making a difference in the communities it serves and achieving goals related to Rotary’s three strategic priorities:

  • Focus and increase humanitarian service
  • Enhance Rotary’s public image and awareness
  • Support and strengthen clubs

In addition, Tim Shear was named Rotarian of the Year for Rotary District 6690 at the end of his term as president. Tim was honored for the contributions he made to the district in mobilizing clubs throughout the state to participate in the Let’s Read book collection project to promote literacy in Mongolia. A total of 16,232 early-reader books were sent to our twin club, the Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar, for distribution to needy children across Mongolia. Tim was also recognized for his extraordinary efforts in participating in leadership training programs at the district and national levels.


In his typical humble manner, Dave Hansen cited the contributions of other club members and recognized the support and encouragement of his wife Aida in accepting his award as the club’s 2018 Rotarian of the Year. But his commitment to Rotary and to its ideals and mission was clearly evident.

“For me Rotary has served as a window to our community, an opportunity to participate in its life and contribute to its well-being. As a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin, I was socialized into a science and academic community and most of my professional and non-professional interactions were within this confined space. Rotary has allowed me to develop meaningful relationships with you and to work with you to better our community…

“As many of you know, much of my professional life focused on international topics and activities and my major contributions to Rotary have been to its international service dimension. But I would like to spend a few minutes discussing a different Rotary Avenue of Service, namely youth service. Our club does much to prepare our younger generation to occupy important economic and community roles upon reaching adulthood, thus ensuring continuation of our society and community as we know it. I would like to recognize special contributions to the youth avenue of service made by several of our members of our club.”


Excerpts from Steve Payerle’s acceptance speech as Rookie of the Year at the 2018 Installation and Awards Dinner

“I was fortunate to have parents who taught me right and wrong, and they instilled what I believe is a great sense of morality in me – to know what was right and wrong, what was fair, what might be easy but not really moral and how to navigate that. These values have made the foundation on which I’ve built my life and it’s something that I feel good about and gives me peace.

I’ve always wanted to be considered by myself and by my peers and colleagues as a pillar of the community. When I discovered Rotary and learned that there was this worldwide organization that sounded like it was put together specifically for me to join, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I knew Rotary would allow me to get properly engaged and help formalize the process of me becoming who I knew I could become.

In a way it’s been a relief to find a group of like-minded individuals, who care enough to come together and make the lives of the people around them and in the world, better and more fulfilling.”